Bloom’s Taxonomy and The ERWC Arc

In the previous post, I discussed creating a list of easily-remembered words that could help facilitate the transfer of the stages of the ERWC arc to other texts and rhetorical situations that the student might encounter in the future.  As part of another discussion, I found a link to an excellent blog post on the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  It occurred to me to try mapping the ERWC terms onto the taxonomy.  The chart below is the result.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Compared to the ERWC Arc

The congruences and gaps are interesting.  Although the “Apply” cell in the chart is blank for ERWC, I would say that ERWC modules generally provide a lot of activities that allow students to apply concepts and language from the texts before they begin to question them.  Application permeates an ERWC module and happens in every stage.  ERWC also includes revision, which is not part of Bloom’s Taxonomy, at least in this expression of it.  Bloom’s Taxonomy was often applied in designing individual activities in modules, but it is interesting that it also applies at this sort of macro level.