Mythological Imagining

I have three active blogs: 1), which was my first blog. It is mostly about guitars, amplifiers, and drums. 2) Teaching Text Rhetorically, which is this blog. This is about teaching, applied rhetorical theory, and mini-modules for teaching rhetorical and literary concepts. 3) Mythopoetic Imagining. This blog has been dormant for a while. It started out as a place to experiment with an omniscient narrator and write myths for kids about literacy. I had my granddaughter in mind. She added a bit to those stories. Now I am posting experiments in point of view and other aspects of writing fiction. My current focus is on writing personal narratives in third person, borrowing a technique from Kafka. This creates some distance. Already, one of my readers has complained about it. There are three new posts there, if anyone is interested.

Tuesday at the Beach J. takes a rather anthropological approach to beachgoing.

Squirrel Nutterkin  One of J.’s neighbors is a cranky squirrel.

The Battle of the Paper Wasps When wasps decide to build a nest above your front door, what is the ethical approach? A study of human/insect relations.

That site is a free site at the moment, so there are ads. My apologies. I will make a decision about that soon.

My WordPress themes are all outdated and I am writing in the “Classic Block” rather than learning the new WordPress block editor. Not everything works as well as it used to. Soon, I will probably have to choose an up-to-date theme and redo my sites in blocks, but for now, I am proceeding in the old way.

I am also working on a second Bakhtin post. It will be about reported speech, quoting, and paraphrasing. This all hinges on one of Bakhtin’s favorite theoretical words: heteroglossia. Don’t worry. It is not as complicated as it sounds.

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