Updated Gatsby Module

I have updated the module on The Great Gatsby to ERWC 3.0.  This version includes the new 3.0 cells.  I eliminated some of the possible literary approaches and streamlined it a bit.  I now have a short writing assignment after each section so that instead of one module “arc” it has four mini arcs.   It is currently being piloted by at least one teacher.  After the pilot, I will create a teacher version.  If you have a chance to pilot it, please give me feedback.

The post on the older version is here.

3 thoughts on “Updated Gatsby Module

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  2. Colleen

    I am looking at the unit right now and the only item I would change is the use of the word “phony” in the prompt what about a more academic word like “fraud”?

  3. guitarsophist

    Thank you for your comment! But I am a little puzzled. Why do you think that “fraud” is more academic than “phony”? While I was thinking about this, I heard a Politco reporter use “phony” on the PBS Newshour in reference to Mitt Romney. According to the Oxford dictionary the word is late 19th century, of “unknown” origin, so it has been around for at least 120 years. It seems to describe some aspects of Gatsby’s personality perfectly, and was probably commonly used in the 1920s. It seems right to me in this context.

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